Hello, hello! I see you’ve found your way here, either through the Road Not Taken or that of Yellow Brick. Regardless of the means, I’m glad of the end.

I’m hoping this will be my final online resting place, but as the years and technology progress (as well as my ADD), I can’t promise anything. But for now, the present, it shall remain a one-stop-shop (or will at least link to all those crazy places that make up my online personality).

On to who I actually am: Although I’ve been known by many names in the past (Wendy Darling, Clara, Lucky, etc), the given one was Rebecca Weimer, and I like it as much as anyone can like a name that mixes Hebrew and German and is often mispronounced. I teach English and Journalism to teenagers, but on the sly I dabble in a bit of photography, film, and writing. In fact, I lived in L.A. for two years pursuing those very ambitions (I’m back to my roots in Richmond, VA now, however).

So come in, prop your feet up, grab a glass of sweet tea or a mug of coffee, and make yourself at home.