To Begin

I’ve officially started writing my novel/”memoir”. I’m sure there will be other excuses and distractions that will come my way as a means of procrastination, but isn’t that a writer’s greatest battle? Forcing oneself to sit at a computer or blank page and actually put words to paper? There are so many excuses to not write, it seems almost a shame to let them go to waste… but finally, I have exhausted my options of “finding the right writing program” (I’m now using Scrivener because Word got too boring), “researching,” and just plain not writing, and yesterday, I sat and forced myself to begin.

Part of my problem is just that: beginning. When I start a new project, I always have difficulty in figuring out just how I want to present my ideas to the world. What structure, what narrative style, what voice? I’ve written four different beginnings, and I’ve thought out many more in the wee hours before sleep, when I told myself I’d remember the idea in the morning and refused to move from the confines of my warm bed to turn on the computer, but then promptly forgot them as soon as I fell asleep.

So, it’s done. There’s a beginning, at least. Sure, it needs work and probably deserves the metaphorical rubbish bin in the right hand corner of my screen, but at least it’s a start.


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