The days go by, they go by oh so slow

Nightmare of You had something there when they wrote the song The Days Go By Oh So Slow. Except the weekends, which hurtle forward and all of a sudden it’s Sunday night and the prospect of another long week of work is looming over your head.

I guess I can’t really complain. Since I work in education and am not a highly-paid (hah!) administrator, I get days off all the time. Every holiday warrants a “teacher workday” at least, and since as a “paraprofessional,” I’m not needed unless kids are there, I get the day off too (usually). Christmas equals two weeks of snowy bliss, Easter is Spring Break, and then there’s those 2-3 months of summer where I’m paid to sit home and have the freedom to go work at camps and embrace my nerdy silliness.

But that doesn’t make coming back to work after one such break any easier. It’s finally the weekend after my first week back from the holidays, and boy was it a rough one. Monday was fine – the kids were pretty mellow and somewhat happy to be back – but as the week went on, tantrums frequented and my own sanity level dropped. As the noted “optimist” in our department, it’s hard to stay happy with so many attitudes, but I do my best. It’s no wonder though, that by the time I get home, all I want to do is curl up with hot chocolate and a book and read until bedtime. Sure, I’ll put in time effort for my Grad School classes at some point in there, but that’s about all you can expect me to do. It doesn’t help that my Mother, knowing I’m lying there with a book, will still continue to hold conversations with me, regardless of the fact that I’m enraptured with Anne of Green Gables and trying desperately to drown her out without having to actually pick up and move rooms, which will upset her more.

But it’s the weekend, and I have time to update blogs and waste time that is so sparing during the week. Yet Sunday night I’ll look back and realize I did nothing productive, and wax on about how I still have so much to do.

Tell me again why I was so eager to be a grown up?


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