I’m a Master…

Finally! After almost two years of discussion questions, papers, learning teams, and student teaching, I’m finished with my Masters! This means I finally get to add M.A.Ed at the end of my e-mail signature at work (something I’ve been waiting anxiously to do, sometimes going in and typing it just to see what it looks like before reverting back to my standard, boring, plain old name). I also get a pay raise next year (given that I get a job, and with my one-year contract and the budget cuts, I’m not sure how likely that will be). The best part, however, is not feeling guilty while having TV marathons that I should be online writing a paper… I can watch all the Top Chef I want, thankyouverymuch, and not have to worry about that 1am deadline that I’ve skirted so closely.


Good thing I have a job, otherwise these student loans would kill me and then charge me extra for dying, while picking apart my leftovers to squeeze every penny from the lint.

Please don’t fire me.


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