Trying New Things – Like Falling on My Butt in Snow Pants

I’ve now hit 2 weeks with the boy (officially) and we’re finding ourselves using the relationship as a means of spontaneity. He’s someone who’s never really left the box he built himself, and I’ve always struggled with the company part of doing things – I have ideas, but no one to do them with. But now, we have each other to inspire us and accompany us on our adventures outside the black hole that is my apartment (seriously, time just disappears in there). So far, he’s been the one trying more new things (a jazz show, vegetarian cuisine and vegetables in general, dating a non-bimbo), but I’m tallying up a few as well (an adult relationship, for starters).

This Sunday, we’re planning a snowboarding trip. Well, he planned it with his friends and graciously invited his clumsy, balance-stricken, never-been-snowboarding-before girlfriend, who said yes after multiple assurances that she wouldn’t be a hinderance or a bother to those more experienced. This is new for me, and it scares me. The only other time I’ve pulled on those snow pants and bundled up for winter sports was 10 years ago, when my Dad took me skiing and I hit a tree while his cheap ass waited for me in the lodge, sipping wine and talking up women. No joke. The Snow Patrol (not the band, though that would’ve been awesome, being rescued to the sounds of “Chasing Cars”) had to come and “rescue” me and my bent ski pole. Please, God, don’t let this happen again. Great anecdote that it is, I don’t really want a repeat performance. Especially not when it will make continuous fodder for the boy to use against me, and make me feel like an incompetent athlete that can never correlate with his body-building athleticism.

“No, you go ahead down the increasingly difficult slopes all day, I’ll just be right here, taking an hour to run the Bunny Slope one time, on repeat, all day. And if I’m not, I’ll be in the lodge, drinking wine hot chocolate and taking pictures.”

I’m going to try though, and laugh off the tremendous amount of falls waiting for me and the snow that will surely be continuously eaten. And Damnit, I’m going to like it… if for no other reason than I’ll be with him, making fun of him when he tries to go super fast and slams to the snow below him.

High five for adventures!

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