Look out Red Hat Society, Hipsters are Coming to Richmond

I was reading hipstercrite‘s blog about the new Hipster Cities, now that the reigning hipsters of Austin, Brooklyn, and Portland are getting older and young hipsters need a place to flock, and discovered what I’d been guessing at: Richmond is starting to make a name for itself on the Hipster Map. While her blog lists my city as a Runner-Up (we’re not quite as cool as Asheville or Chatanooga yet), The Rumpus also listed us as one of the most inhabitable cities for Post-Grad Hipsters.

It makes sense. Walk around VCU for a bit, and you’ll see plenty of mustaches, skinny jeans, flannel, and Buddy Holly glasses on the art student population meandering about on bicycles. We have a Folk Festival every Fall, and while our live music selection is pretty slim (especially compared to cities like Nashville, Asheville, and Austin), we get good bands and can always drive the hour and a half to DC to catch the bigger shows (but what hipster wants those anyway!).

The cobblestone streets downtown that line one of our venues, and the Flood Wall towering over Shockoe Bottom give the city an authentic, dirty, OLD vibe, which is partly thanks to the enrichment of history engrained within those same cobblestones.

Then there’s Carytown, a shopping street filled with high end thrift stores, mustache gifts, street performers, and the only Record Store left in the city.

All this time I’ve been wanting to leave Richmond for a more hipsterific city, and I find out Richmond is on the verge of becoming a notable one. Talk about irony.


2 thoughts on “Look out Red Hat Society, Hipsters are Coming to Richmond”

  1. I actually think the music scene in Richmond is as good if not better than Asheville’s, Although there is not quite as much diversity in the types of shows, there is at least one everyday of the week, usually more. Also, there are six record stores “left” in the city (Plan 9 in Carytown, Vinyl Conflict in Oregon Hill, Deep Grove in the Fan, BK Music on the Soutside, Steady Sounds near Jackson Ward, and Turnstlye just down the street. It seems you have not explored Richmond enough for anything you say about the city to be taken seriously.


    1. My apologies for the misinformation regarding the amount of record stores in the city, but as far as my comment about the shows in Richmond being “slim”, I meant that while we do get a fairly decent amount (especially with The National), most are within a few specific genres, and many of the “bigger” shows skip Richmond to play in DC instead. That’s not saying we don’t get good bands or have a good amount of shows to attend, just that Richmond isn’t quite as big of a “music town” as some of the other mentioned cities.


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