In Which I Realized I am Not, in Fact, Johnny Tsunami

Ouch. Oof. Urgh.

That’s what was heard coming out of my mouth every 10 feet or so Sunday, as I tumbled down the “Easy” slopes at Snowshoe.

The adventure started on Saturday, when we went to the show of a fellow snowboarder that was pushed back from a 9:30 slot to one closer to midnight, which meant we didn’t get on the road until 12:30 or so. The two hour drive toHarrisonburgwent fairly quickly, but falling asleep once there was a different story. The neighbors above were having an epic party (still going strong at 3am, when we rolled up), consisting of stomping, yelling, and the playing of music so loudly that I could sing along to all the words. When the cops were called, it only got worse, with music turned up even higher and consistent stomping over our heads. At one point they even sounded like gun shots…

Needless to say, waking up at 7am on only 2 hours of sleep was not enjoyable. Driving another couple hours in the car around twisty turns that made my stomach queasy didn’t help.

When we got up the mountain, we went to buy lift tickets, and I borrowed the student ID of the other girl with us to get the discounted rate. When the guy asked what the school was, my stuttered answer of JMU received a balk, instigating a conversation of how the cashier doesn’t like any school but his own, UNCW. The other girl immediately looked at me, as UNCW was my school as well, forcing me to cover the situation by saying I used to go there but transferred. We were thisclose to getting caught in a lie.

Then came the snowboarding. We started at the Top of the World, where there’s a Black Diamond and aGreen Circleto choose from. Naturally, I went green, as it was my first time. Holy crap, that was the longest “Bunny Slope” ever. What should have maybe taken 5-10 minutes took me almost 2 hours to finish. The boy tried to teach me and was super nice about sticking with me and my continuous falling rather than speeding off ahead and actually enjoying the slopes. I just couldn’t get it. I understood the concepts – carving around, leaning on your toes, leaning on your heels, using your back foot as a sort of guide but not like skateboarding.; but everytime I tried, I started going too fast, freaked, and fell in an attempt to slow down. That, or I went too close to the dropoff and didn’t want a repeat of the last time I went skiing… I had little kids zooming past me on ski’s, asking if I was okay as I went down for the fourth time in 20 feet, blocking the slope and struggling to swing my board around and away from the dropoff, then lug myself back up on the board.

By the time we got to the top of the ski lift (which I fell from when sliding down the little hill), I couldn’t move. My entire upper body was screaming at me, I felt nauseated, and my knees and butt were starting to bruise (currently, my entire right kneecap and part of my left are turning dark red, I have bruises on my butt and arm, and the back of my right thigh is purple and greenish), so I sent the boy off on a solo run while I found a nice place to sit to rest my weary body.

When he returned, we set off to find the rest of our party back at the Top of the World, but couldn’t figure out which way to go. Which meant we got sort of lost meandering about the trails, lugging snowboards uphill toward the peak, fighting fatigue, exhaustion, chapped lips, and nausea. When we finally reached the top, we found our party hanging out in the lodge, and the six of us made our way to another part of the mountain (Silver Creek, maybe?) where the more skilled (everyone but me) could practice their tricks. I rode another green slope, with the other girl teaching me this time, and I was actually able to make it down some of the hills without falling! Eventually, I got stuck on flatland and walked the rest of the slope, giving up for the day and letting my tired body rest from the incessant falling. As the other girl put it, I got more of a workout than the rest of the group, since I had to keep pulling myself up and recover from wiping out. Snowboarding is rough, but I definitely had fun and would go again. Next year. After some upper-body work and squats.

By the time we left Snowshoe, WV, it was well past 7, and we had a 4 hour drive back toRichmond.  With all the winding curves taken at a slow pace and stops for gas and food, we hitHarrisonburgaround 10, andRichmondat midnight. When I stumbled in my apartment at 12:30, it took everything I had to turn on the heat, strip off my winter gear, and crawl into bed, where I could finally relax my aching limbs. Once I heard back from the tired boy, who drove the last leg of the trip, it took no time to give into the consuming exhaustion.

I’ve spent the week since recovering, unable to move my limbs. I couldn’t raise my arms above my head without agonizing pain until late yesterday, so blow-drying my hair Monday night was quite the workout and much more difficult than it should ever be. As I told the boy, it was my version of a workout (in comparison to his lifting his record-high in bench pressing that same night… ugh. Not fair. He doesn’t even have a bruise. The only snowboarding ailment he’s suffering from is peeling from sunburn, which at least I was able to avoid). Tuesday was absolute misery. I’m finally at the point now where there’s a little stiffness, but I’m close to normal again, as far as functioning of my muscles. The bruises will be around for a while, though…

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