Where Do Goths Go?

The end of the 9 weeks is on Friday, which means it’s time to grade students’ journals. One student, a Goth/Emo, always writes disturbing recollections about how she dreamt she married Michael Myers, would gouge out the eyeballs of failing students were she a teacher, or imagines her utopia as isolation in a graveyard with ghosts and zombies. Occasionally, she’ll write about how she loves her boyfriend or hates her Mom.

She got me thinking, though. What happens to Goths after high school? It’s not like you see a bunch of people in all black, with painted eyes and baggy clothing walking down the street. You don’t see them in Office Buildings or serving you food or checking you out at a grocery store. Goths have been around long enough that they shouldn’t be as absent as they appear to be.

Where do they go? I know some of them get over their high school depression and realize life does, in fact, go on. They start dressing in lighter, tighter clothing, and remove some of the piercings and hair dyes and enter the adult world. Others, though, must still partake in this way of life. Do they simply dress more “appropriately” for the workplace, much like I put on “teacher clothes” when I go to work, but change into skinny jeans and bright hipsterific accessories once I’m home? Is there some “Goth workplace” I don’t know about besides Tattoo and Piercing Parlors?

When I think back on the Goths from my own days in high school, many of them have either moved on and gotten married, or are still working at the same dead-end job from high school.

Please don’t see this as ignorance or looking down on Goths, I just wonder what will happen to my students who worship Michael Myers and Marilyn Manson, who see Hitler as a Hero (but didn’t like The Hunger Games?!).


4 thoughts on “Where Do Goths Go?”

  1. I personally don’t fit some of the traits you’ve observed in your students/Goths in general, but I and others who know me consider me Goth. It’s been a few years since I’ve been out of highschool (and am currently studying in university), and while working in retail has required me to “tone down” my style a bit, chains, buckle boots and all black, etc, are allowed in my workplace so I still do dress the part, and while outside of work I still dress similarly to how I did a few years ago. “Adult” responsibilities such as paying bills, etc are more of a focus now, of course, but I’d still say that I do survive as a Goth out of highschool.


  2. We fade into the darkness and let the shadows take over…..
    Waiting in the forgotten corners of the world for the ridiculous, annoying idiots of this planet to wander in and have their heads cut off, their blood drained, and their depressingly happy thoughts thrown into the abyss.
    We’re waiting for you.
    Have a nice day………
    (while you still can)


  3. lol 🙂 we are normal people, no another breed, although it may look that way… an adult Goth knows when to dress down, especially at the workplace, there’s a lot of events for the adults such as Goth cubs, concerts and festivals were they can dress up. there’s actually plenty of adult Goths, you just need to know where to look 🙂


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