If You Misspell in Your Texts, I Will Judge You

Ever since I started teaching English, I notice more and more poor grammar in the world. So many texts, facebook status updates, and emails are filled with simple mistakes:

your and you’re
their, there, and they’re
who’s and whose
it’s and its
loose and lose
we’re and were
to, two, and too

These are simple grammar rules, learned through years of schooling and forgotten immediately. If there’s an apostrophe, it means there are letters omitted, hence the apostrophe.

you’re = you are
they’re = they are
who’s = who is
it’s = it is
we’re = we are

Don’t get me started on textspeak: “U,” “R,” “Gr8,” “L8,” the leaving out of apostrophes, capital letters, and punctuation, and the abundance of misspellings.

I’m not claiming to be a grammatical genius. I still stumble on who and whom, lie and lay, etc., but I do not believe in grammatical mistakes as a result of laziness. So often I hear “If I’m texting, I’m not going to waste time or characters to add apostrophes or periods,” and other excuses. The problem with this is that it creeps into your everyday writing and makes you come across as an idiot when you type:

 “Your two hot four words.”

I judge you when you use poor grammar, and texts with misspellings and these common errors want me to print off screenshots and mark them up with a red pen.

Why is grammar so difficult? I somewhat understand my students, who have grown up with cell phones as playthings, who don’t read and think writing means a three sentence paragraph of their thoughts without any formulation of structure or ideas. Adults, though? No excuse. You can solve a multi-step math equation, but you can’t differentiate between who’s and whose? Ridiculous. Go back to English class, just not to mine.

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