Just Get Together, Will You!? Top 5 Television Couples

As much as we all love the Dawson drama, the Friends humor, the epicness of the Friday Night Lights football games, let’s face it, there’s always a love story tying it all together and captivating us. Will they or Won’t they?

Below are what I consider to be the BEST of television couples (or the ones I got most wrapped up in), in no particular order:

Jim and Pam

Who didn’t watch every week as these two played pranks together on Dwight, teaming up and helping to make the workday go just a teeny bit faster? Who didn’t feel Jim’s heartbreak and jealousy as Pam’s idiotic, fratboy of a loser fiancée stifled all her fun? In turn, who liked Karen when Jim tried to move to Stanford to get over Pam (and then rubbed her in Pam’s face when they returned together a few episodes later)? When they finally got together, it just felt right in so many ways… the timing was finally right, and Jim’s speech at their rehearsal dinner was just perfect. Now that they’re married and have kids, their relationship isn’t as much fun to watch as it was in the early days, but without Michael, the show’s suffering from greatness anyway.

House and Cuddy/House and Vicodin

It took House and Cuddy 7 seasons to get together, and then his addiction to Vicodin and masochism interfered and he sabotaged that relationship as well, despite the fact that it was the only healthy thing going on in his life. Oh, House.

Eric and Tami Taylor

Theirs is pretty much the epitome of the perfect marriage. They’re pro’s at compromising, they listen to one another (usually), and they present themselves as a team. No matter what the writers and life threw at this power couple, be it unwanted house guests, surprising pregnancies, losing and gaining of jobs, rebellious teenage daughters, etc, their marriage always came through in the end, and their love for one another stayed true and pure.

Pacey and Joey

Forget Dawson and Joey, Pacey’s her true love. Dawson may be her best friend and all, but look at everytime they got together… it never worked. He’s too self-absorbed and serious for her; his true love is filmmaking, not Joey. For Pacey, who never aspired to be anything of consequence, Joey is what makes him better, she’s what inspires him to do well in school and in life, and in return, he brings out life in her. Pacey’s the one that makes her happy.

Ross and Rachel

They spent 10 years bringing this couple together and pulling them apart (Who can forget “We Were On A Break!!!!”) We watched both move on, Ross get married and divorced (and married and divorced), before they finally came together over their daughter, Emma. About time, too.


(This last one won’t embed, but it’s the best re-telling of their relationship, so I suggest clicking the link).

-No Videos are By Me and All are Courtesy of a Youtube Search and belong to the creators-


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