Losing Weight, Cooking, Kissing, and Rocking Out

I know I’ve been really poor about updating my 101/1001, so much so that I’m eliminating the 1001 and just making it my goal to finish all 101 goals in a reasonable amount of time. That being said, there are a few updates I need to make:

6. Lose 15 pounds
Finally, finally, finally. While there’s still another 10 or so I’d like to lose, that initial 15 is off the waistline. Or wherever it came from. And so far, I’ve been able to maintain it. The secret? I cut down my portions. A lot. The first two weeks or so were really difficult, and I was hungry more often than not. Gradually, my body got used to eating smaller amounts, and so I became full faster. Already a vegetarian, I also cut out dairy and eggs from my regular diet, switching to soy or nut products instead when possible. Finally, I learned how to say “No,” which is probably the most difficult part and the one I still struggle with when confronted with Reese’s…

15. Kiss in the rain
Boy and I were walking back to our cars in a drizzly rain, and rather than duck and cover, let the raindrops trickle on our faces as we said goodbye. While it wasn’t as epic or passionate as Noah and Ally in The Notebook, or Spiderman and MJ, it’s a start.

11. Try one new recipe a month (12/32)
With Boy’s presence in my life, I now have more of an excuse to cook, and find myself dicing, chopping, stirring, and mixing on a more regular basis. The two of us pour through my various cookbooks, searching for something that appeals to both of us. The most successful recipes were a Vegetable Curry Couscous, a Zesty Vegetarian Chili, and a Tortilla soup. Delicious. *cookbooks are Betty Crocker Easy Vegetarian and The Vegetarian Bible.

32. Go to 15 shows/concerts (8/15)
Last night, Boy and I went to see Say Anything at The National inRichmond. Although I only know a handful of their songs well enough to sing along (and Boy even less than that, with knowledge of only one), we had a lot of fun. Sherri Dupree, Max’s wife (and lead singer of Eisley), came out and sang backup vocals on “So Good,” which was pretty cool, and the song selection was a good mix of old, new, and unreleased/B Sides. They ended the set with “Alive With the Glory of Love,” and encored with “Admit It!!!” twice, the two songs I’d been waiting the whole night for. It was a good show, and the first real concert for the two of us together, and a nice addition to the list.

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