100 Things That Make Me Happy

One of the many (101 to be exact) items on my 101/1001 list is to make a 100 Things That Make Me Happy list. I discovered recently that I’d started this list some time ago, but only got to the 60’s before I gave up. Upon re-reading of this original list, I decided not only would I finish it, but I would revamp it as well, adding new things and taking away the ones that didn’t seem relevant anymore (like “when a boy calls you for no reason”).

See the complete list after the jump:

  1. Listening to New Music
  2. Curling up in bed with a good book and a mug of tea or coffee
  3. Conversations that last hours
  4. A glass of wine with friends
  5. Watching a favorite movie (The Princess Bride for starters)
  6. Introducing others to new movies or music
  7. The sound of rain on windows
  8. Walking in the rain
  9. Waking up and realizing you don’t have to get up yet
    10. Snuggling
    11. Animals, the cuter the better
    12. Walking in the snow
    13. When other people tell me I look good or like I’ve lost weight
    14. Hummus. So freaking delicious.
    15. Maymont
    16. Kissing
    17. Falling asleep on Boy’s shoulder
    18. Boy
    19. Harry Potter and everything that it encompasses (dressing up, magicking things, the books, movies, Harry Potter week, marathons, LEGO Harry Potter, etc)
    20. Spending hours on Final Cut Pro, editing
    21. stargazing
    22. chivalry… opening my door, carrying my things, etc
    23. Spontaneous romance
    24. Writing, particularly with coffee and the atmosphere of a café
    25. Looking through my photos and realizing I took a really good one
    26. The 1997 video and recording of “mmmbop”
    27. Traffic lights that turn green before you hit the brakes
    28. Coffee and tea
    29. Animals hugging
    30. Free stuff. Food, tshirts, pens, cups, you name it.
    31. Red Velvet Cupcakes
    32. Being taken care of when I’m sick
    33. Driving at night, with no traffic and a good soundtrack
    34. Well-dressed men
    35. Crisp, cool, Autumn weather
    36. Fruit, especially if it’s directly from the vine/tree/etc
    37. Baking cookies, both the action and the smell
    38. Christmas lights and decorations
    39. Accents, especially in unexpected places
    40. Getting packages in the mail
    41. Cooking, and discovering what you cooked tastes good
    42. Autumn leaves
    43. Pumpkin anything
    44. Finding a really good book
    45. Traveling
    46. Sitting on the beach with a good book and a warm breeze
    47. Massages
    48. Red things
    49. Southern food and customs
    50. Restaurants with vegetarian and vegan options
    51. Hanson
    52. New music by favorite artists
    53. Seeing a favorite band in concert, even more so when that ONE song is played
    54. Roadtrips
    55. Spontaneity
    56. Thick, billowing rain clouds
    57. When students go above and beyond
    58. Inspiring others
    59. Finding the perfect gift, and the smile on their face
    60. Embracing my nerdiness
    61. Working at camp
    62. The Ah-Ha moment, when a student “gets it”
    63. Skee-ball
    64. Putt-Putt
    65. Roasting smores at bonfires
    66. Finding warmth when you’re cold
    67. Walking on the beach
    68. Apple, Pumpkin, Vanilla, and Lavender smells
    69. Spending time with family and friends
    70. Trying new things
    71. Lyricism and imagery
    72. Going to the movie theater
    73. Being loved and in love
    74. The feel and beauty of a pen against a fresh piece of paper
    75. Having money in my bank account
    76. Sailboats
    77. Beautiful scenery
    78. Beauty in the everyday
    79. Hugs
    80. Summer, Spring, and Winter Vacations
    81. Taking a shower and letting the water stream over my head, especially on a gross day
    82. Cereal and Cartoons
    83. Warm covers on a cold night
    84. Birds singing
    85. Old couples, walking hand in hand
    86. Little kids full of innocence and imagination
    87. Peter Pan and Neverland
    88. Losing myself in fantasy worlds
    89. VIP status
    90. Crossing off things on lists
    91. Discovering hidden gems
    92. Creativity
    93. When others send texts and emails with correct grammar
    94. Getting pied in the face at camp (shhhh!)
    95. Disney
    96. Being awesome
    97. My hair, when it’s having a good day
    98. Compliments and being told good things about what I do, whether it’s my teaching, writing, photos, etc
    99. Dressing like a hipster: skinny jeans, fun sunglasses, etc
    100. Making someone else smile

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