If You Want Mr. Mixer Back Alive…

So, the boy is a bit of a gym rat/health nut, which means he’s constantly downing protein shakes and other disgusting-looking concoctions in order to better build muscle and break down fat. Or whatever. (I tend to just go with it). This means he has this gross-smelling Mixer to break up all the protein powders so it’s not chunky when he drinks it. WELL… he left the Mixer at my apartment this weekend, and being the nice person I am, I grabbed it this morning and stowed it in my bag, ready to send it through his sister, my friend (and colleague!). But first I wondered if I should hold it hostage instead…

The agreement was Mr. Mixer would be returned, physically unharmed, via his sister for usage this week. In exchange, he is to give kisses upon request. If he fails to comply with his end of the bargain, the deal is negated, and Mr. Mixer may find himself disappearing for good. I sent the photos throughout the day as a warning.

Which is your favorite Mr. Mixer Torture Photo?


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