Best Job Ever.

As usual, I spent the summer of 2013 (just like the summers of 10, 11, and 12) with iD Tech Camps, this time at Towson University, in Maryland. In addition to the awesome dress-up days and theme weeks (this year we had Hawaiian, Disney, America, Cartoon, Hipster, and of course Harry Potter), we had 27 international females (females? at a tech camp?!?) from all over the Middle East and North Africa, who came over with a program called TechGirls. I was even mentioned in their blog! AND I was Director. Management.

And Management means Spirit Hoods.


Embrace the power of the snow leopard.

As director, I got to utilize my teaching skills along with learning how to better and effectively manage, something that has definitely come in handy this year teaching journalism. It was great getting to help the new instructors fine tune their teaching abilities and really come into their own as instructors. PLUS, I got the benefit of getting to play the campers’ games and joke around with them, without having to actually teach, which I get burned out doing after 9 months straight.

AND, another one of my responsibilities was camp photography. Which basically meant I got to walk around all day with a camera, then play in Lightroom. We even inspired a photo contest on the iD Staff facebook page, and won it twice. And then I made trading cards in Photoshop.


Seriously. I’m an awesome boss 🙂

Now, it wouldn’t be camp without a camp video… so naturally I made one of those too. Not only did it make it to the facebook page, but it also went up as one of FOUR on the iD Tech official videos page. One of FOUR. There were at least 10 made this year. Booyah. (so you know, it’s the “Can’t Hold Us” video, and the spirit hoods make an occurrence).

Best Job Ever. Apply here. You won’t regret it.



2 thoughts on “Best Job Ever.”

  1. I am an 8 year veteran of iD Tech Camps as well. I have worked as a camp instructor, camp director and I am now a Regional Manager. I feel very confident in saying iD Tech is the Best Job Ever! They really care about their students, employees, and what they do. That isn’t something easily found today, if you are interested in working with/for a company that cares look us up.


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