A Summer That Isn’t Busy Doesn’t Exist

It may be summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s all play and no work for this girl (sadly). I took the summer off from the Best Job Ever, so for the first time in over a decade probably, I have the summer off. It’s the biggest perk of being a teacher, and after this past year, I definitely needed the break. Despite all my ranting about how teachers shouldn’t complain about the 6 of 8 classes, it was hard work. You could feel the shift in morale among the faculty, and everyone was perpetually exhausted. Add on to that fact that I shouldered the yearbook and newspaper for the first time… when the final bell rang I wanted nothing more than to lay outside with a good book all summer.

Alas, while that has been part of my summer, it’s not been all of it, and frankly, I would’ve been bored rather quickly had it been. Instead, I’ve barely had a few days in a row without something interrupting. 

New House!

The first week of June, Boyfriend and I moved into our new (rental) house, complete with backyard for Waffles the Dog, which she immediately cased and practiced her Houdini act until we could fill the gaps with chicken wire. Immediately following that, his father passed away, which was a somber time of reflection and grief. Then came the beach for two days with my Mom and sister, home a few days, then back to the beach with Boyfriend. Two days later I left for Yearbook camp (woohoo! you know you’re jealous) in Pennsylvania with four of my students where we started planning next year’s (this year’s?) yearbook. The theme is pretty freaking sweet, but it was hard to get back into the yearbook mindset smack dab in the middle of summer, only to go back to “vacation” once more. Maybe that’s why this week has been so productive… yearbook camp stressed me out!

YBK camp! (only four of these are my students, plus me).
YBK camp! (only four of these are my students, plus me). Yes, I know I look like a student.

Now I’m back and dealing with humdrum errands… taking my car in to get fixed after being hit a week and a half ago (that story later), finally putting said car in my name, meeting with the new principal about some summer tasks he wants me to work on, cleaning… and of course, starting to think about planning for school. 

There’s a month left, and so many things I said I wanted to get accomplished this summer haven’t yet happened. There’s a stack of books on my desk I want/need to read to prepare for school. My two novels I’m writing are awaiting my attention. HTML is begging to be learned. Books want to be read.

At least I’ve started blogging again.

Baby steps.


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