No Meat, No Problem

When I first went Veggie, I made a decision to avoid eating any sort of fake meat product, because a. it would make me miss the real thing, b. to me, it kind of felt like cheating in a way, and c. I was an idiot.

Now, I use faux meat products fairly often in my cooking. It’s a GREAT source of protein (which is always the question people ask when they try to figure out what I CAN eat) and it adds depth to a lot of classic yet simple meals. Pasta and salads are a great example, just like I added it to my Super Summer Salad last week. 

So for this week’s #meatlessmonday, I decided to give you a list of my favorite faux meat products.

VEGGIE BURGER: MorningStar Farm’s Grillers Original is the best veggie burger if you really want that traditional, right-off-the-grill hamburger taste. I’m not a super big fan of the frozen “garden veggie” burger, but I do love a really good home-made (i.e. restaurant) version. It also made Buzzfeed’s List of the Definitive Ranking of Veggie Burgers as #1.


GRILLED CHICKEN: Once again, I’m going to tote Beyond Meat’s Grilled Chicken-Free Strips. Seriously. They’re amazing. A close second is Simple Truth’s Meatless Griller Strips.


BEEF: I really like Simple Truth’s Meatless Crumbles to add to my spaghetti for that nice meaty texture without real animal.


SAUSAGE: Tofurky has two really great faux sausage products: the Italian sausage offers a bit of spice and heat, whereas the Kiebasa is a lot cleaner but still delicious.


BACON: Lightlife offers a pretty decent veggie bacon alternative. It doesn’t have quite the invigorating smell or taste of real bacon, and the absence of the juicy fat is what I miss most, but for a BLT, it works pretty darn well.


Have any suggestions for some other meatless meat products? Share in the comments!

*no animals were harmed in the making of this blog post.

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