Everything, Everything | Review


Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

The only thing Madeline knows is inside her house. She has a very rare disease where anything could trigger her, so she lives in a bubble. Her house is vacuum sealed, with filtered air and an hour long decontamination process for the rare visitor. She doesn’t know the outside, and her life is small, until Oliver moves in next door.

I loved the concept of this book; how can two people fall in love when one can never leave, when they can never actually be in the same place together? How does one enter into a carefully-manufactured bubble?

It’s a relatively short book, with quick chapters, cute illustrations (done by Yoon’s husband), and an interesting concept. There were chapters solely made up of emails between the two characters, IMs, graphics, etc, which were really cute and added to the aesthetic and youthful nature of the book.

I've read many books involvingI also really appreciated the message of this book: live your life; don’t let your fear get in the way; love is great and wonderful but can also be terrible and destructive; experience life.

Overall I liked the characters as well; I enjoyed Madeline’s growth and Carla is my homegirl. Olly, I liked, but didn’t feel was as fleshed out as much. Sure, he has a backstory, but he just wasn’t really doing it for me.

Now for the things I didn’t love.

The plot. It all felt a little too convenient, too easy, too impossible. I felt like the plot twist at the end was a bit contrived, and would’ve liked to see how the story would have evolved had it stayed on the original path. The ending made it too easy, and I felt a lot was left unresolved.

I also wasn’t a big fan of the love story and recklessness of the pair. I get wanting to live, to be independent, to experience life, but I just didn’t buy it, I didn’t buy them.

I think teenagers will love this because of the unique story and the rebelliousness so many of them feel, but as an adult reader, the story didn’t live up to its potential.

2/5 stars

*ARC received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*


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