The Elite | Review


The Elite (The Selection #2) by Kiera Cass

The Elite picks up right where The Selection left off… and with the competition narrowed to six girls, tensions are higher than ever.

Overall, The Elite felt unnecessary, and even more so since the competition is STILL. NOT. OVER. at the conclusion. Because of that, a lot of the second book seems like filler, and doesn’t really add anything new to the story. I feel like a lot of it could’ve been cut and the series could’ve been much better at two books instead of three.

There’s a lot of whining and wishy-washy attitudes from America, and the Prince is ready to move on. I get it. Though I don’t get the rashness and anger from the caning incident, on either side. Yes, your friend is being hurt at the Prince’s orders, but really? What did you expect? They committed treason; it was mentioned before you entered the contest, so what choice did he have? And on his part, OF COURSE she’s upset. Do you even know her? Her best friend was hurt and she thinks the world is unjust (because, let’s be honest, the caste system sucks), so naturally she’s going to blame you, the man in charge. Or second-in-charge.

fan-art-the-Elite-the-selection-series-34295673-552-776I’m tired of the love triangle. At this point I feel like it’s only there for drama. Both men are pretty much the same, except I like the Prince better because he actually seems to listen to her. Not that Aspen is bad, but I just don’t feel like she loves him. Not like she loves the Prince at least. Not anymore.

The typical second-book-in-a-trilogy, things are bleak, characters change their minds, and the stakes have to be upped somehow, but I don’t really feel like this book did that. Other than make the Prince like another girl. Well, duh. He’s been trying to do that the entire time.

Oh, and now the King is evil. Shocker.

All that being said, of course I enjoyed it. It’s a love story that I know how it’s going to end, I just want to watch how it gets there. And it better get there. I love all the over-the-top drama and the secrets, and I WANT. TO. KNOW. more about all of it. I loved the diary, America’s brazenness about the castes, the Prince’s secret, and the maids. I love all the flirty glances and kisses and the jealousy and backstabbing.

And I want to see how this plays out.


3 thoughts on “The Elite | Review”

  1. I had the same feeling while reading it. The characters reached to their most annoying selfs during this book and as you said, the book do feel unnecessary and nothing much happens in it. The love triangle is just not convincing and I felt like killing America.

    But, as a whole, the series is enjoyable. In my opinion, it’s not the best series in the world, but it’s one of those you read and enjoy no matter what.

    Great Review and I agree with you.


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