Emma | Review


Emma by Jane Austen

Emma is my second Jane Austen read, and while I didn’t enjoy it as much as Pride and Prejudice, Austen once again creates complex, interesting characters and a wonderful little love story.

Emma herself is silly and conceited, but in a way that is also very endearing and loveable; you can’t help but like her, even if you’re laughing at her cluelessness at times.

The pacing was a bit slower for me than P&P, and I didn’t fall in love with the characters as much as I did Elizabeth, Jane, Bingley, and Darcy; but I did like Knightley and his relationship with Emma much better than I did Darcy’s with Elizabeth. Knightley is exactly the sort of man Emma needs in her life, and just like the standard best-friends-who-turn-lovers scenario, it takes ages for them to realize what they want is right in front of their face.

valentines-day-quote-watermarkedThat’s not to say I didn’t like the secondary characters of Emma; Frank Churchill is pompous, Miss Bates is hilariously annoying, and Mrs. Weston is a great role model for Emma; but at times the triviality of their lives became quite tedious. I didn’t want to read Miss Bates’ incessant rants anymore than Emma wanted to listen to them, and Harriet’s neediness just annoyed me.

I became quite bored with the middle of the book and had to switch over to the audiobook, which helped with the pacing quite a bit, and the tireless conversations, read with inflection, were more interesting and funny to listen to than read dry.

4 stars because once I got into the audiobook, it picked up and the last quarter of the book, with relationships, feelings, and secrets revealed, was quite exciting. Plus who doesn’t love a good, classic, Jane Austen love story?

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