(October 18, 2009 – July 15, 2012)
The Code:
that’s a wrap
still looming over my head

1. Finish my novel
2. Take a trip up through Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver
3. Get a professional massage
4. Send a card/letter snail-mail style once a month (4/32)
5. Learn to meditate
6. lose 15 pounds
7. write a blog everyday for a week, once every two months.
8. submit photo to Your Best Shot, have one chosen
9. Read 50 books (50/50)
10. Write a poem every two weeks (5/78)
11. Try one new recipe a month 
12. Have a “family dinner” once a month
13. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet (19/26)
14. Watch my way through my DVD collection, in alphabetical order (26/310) (for the full list, click here and disregard tv shows, docs, and music dvds)
15. Kiss in the rain
16. Learn French
17. Try 8 new restaurants (8/8)
18. Buy fresh flowers 10 times (1/10)
19. Send out Christmas cards
20.Get a purple duvet cover
21. Go to the zoo
22.Clean up my iTunes
23. Get my car washed every 2 months (1/16)
24. Take my SLR on a photo shoot once a month
25. Join/start a writing/book club
26. Direct another film
27. Visit Hither at least once
28.Go to the library
29. Buy my mom a ticket somewhere
30. Smile to a stranger once a day
31. Start/join a band
32. Go to 15 shows/concerts (12/15)
33. Put $20/month into savings
34. Fall in love
35. Apply for the DGA AD Trainee program
36. Go on an AIDS walk for ONE
37. Travel cross-country by train, writing a screenplay/novel
38. ***
39. Take a sailing lesson
40. Get my Masters in Secondary Education
41. Write in my journal at least once a week
42. Take a photo a day for a year and create a blog about it  HERE
43. See Jason Mraz in concert
44. Keep a blog about these goals
45. Go to a music festival
46. Pay off credit cards
47. Have a Star Wars movie marathon
48. Hit the year mark for being a vegetarian (and keep going)
49. Do crunches every day for a week. Twice a month.
50. Say Yes 10 times when I feel like saying No (7/10)
51. Complete the 5,000 question survey (1000/5000)
52. Buy 1 album for every 10 downloaded
53. Complete the IMDB Top 250 (106/250)
54. Attend a symphony
55.Get TOMS shoes
56. Tip 100% to a really good waiter/waitress
57. See all the Best Picture Nominees each given year (completed in 2013)
58. Get up at 7am one weekend a month when I don’t have to work
59. Buy a little black dress
60. Take myself out on a date once a month
61. Go camping one weekend
62. Take a random day trip with friends
63. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
64.Complete the 26 Things Photographic Project
65. Do 25 random acts of kindness (3/25)
66. Do not interrupt for 2 consecutive days, 6 times (0/6)
67. Take a vow of silence for 24 hours. Five Times. (0/5)
68. Do one thing that truly scares me.
69. Complete a 100 Things That Make Me Happy list
70. Drink nothing but water for a month.
71. Take a picture of myself everyday for a year. (22/365) HERE
72. Donate 50,000 grains of rice (2,000/50,000)
73. Pack my lunch everyday for a month
74. Keep a monthly budget and stick to it
75. Don’t swear for an entire week
76. Do 100 Creative Writing Prompts (0/100)
77. Read 10 Banned Books (0/10)
78. Learn 101 new words
79. Have a classic picnic
80.http://operationbeautiful.com/ 100 times (0/100)
81. Unplug for a weekend
82. Pay it forward at Starbucks
83. Stay in a bed and breakfast
84. Finish seeing all 50 states (26/50)
85. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
86. Watch all Disney movies (1930-2009) (0/279)
87. Add one song a day to a playlist for a year 
88. Go to a film festival
89. Send flowers to someone. Three times. (0/3)
90. Go to a jazz show
91. Complete the 3 day
92. Buy a desk
93. Learn to identify 15 constellations (0/15)
94. Look amazing naked
95. Go to a ballet
96. Master 75 Skills Every Woman Should Master
97. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
98. Go wine tasting in Napa
99. Write a letter to myself to be opened in 10 years
100. Make S’mores
101. Learn Ballroom Dancing


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