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Have a comment, question, praise, suggestion? Shoot me an email:

My Review Policy for Publishers and Authors:

-I am currently accepting review requests.

-I prefer physical ARCs, but I do accept e-books on occasion.

-I read/review a variety of genres, but prefer Fantasy (both Young Adult and Adult), though I also enjoy Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi, and some Mystery and Contemporary. I will not read Erotica.

-I can do written and/or video reviews. I will work closely with each publisher/author to provide the format of review that works best for them. I can also post my reviews on Amazon/B&N if needed. I will always post reviews on Goodreads and Netgalley (when a book is received from there).

-I use the 5 star rating system. I will always be honest in my reviews, I cannot guarantee a positive review of the book. I will never be cruel and will always strive to provide constructive criticism.

-Currently I am a high school journalism teacher and encourage students to write book reviews for our school paper.

-I do not guarantee that I will post a review soon after receiving a book. However if worked out early and given proper reading time I can commit to posting reviews by a certain date if needed.

-I will also consider hosting giveaways, author interviews, and other book-related content.

Disclaimer: I do not accept all review requests. I only will accept the request if the book truly interests me and is something I would like to read.

If you would like to contact me with any requests or questions you can e-mail me at:

My Review Policy for Companies and Products:

-I am currently willing to work with companies or individuals to get the word about their services or products out.

-I will do written reviews and on occasion video reviews. I will work closely with each company/individual to provide the format that will work best for them.

Disclaimer: I cannot accept all requests. I will only accept the request if it is something that would interest me or my audience.

If you would like to contact me with any requests or questions you can email me at:


2 thoughts on “Contact | Review Policy

  1. Daisy says:


    I hope you are well. I went through and hope that you accept guest blogging from your users. As an avid reader and blogger, I want to publish a guest post on your site.

    On my part, I assure you a high-quality article that is-

    – 100% original

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    I look forward to hearing back from you positively.



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